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About the Water, Electricity and Sewage company in Chabahar:

This company is one of the dependent companies of holding company which has been built in 18/03/2002 and started its working in 21/04/2003.

Some of the duties of mentioned company are as follows:

  1. planning the creation of foundational affairs.
  2. developing the foundational affairs such as distributing the water and electricity, transferring line and net gathering of sewage, transferring line and liquidation of sewage.
  3. attracting the internal investment and private department and cooperating with the external companies, in the foundational projects of water and electricity, transferring power net.
  4. presenting some services to the consumers in order to provide their needs.
  5. taking the technology management and using the rules of Chabaharís organization.
  6. Developing of the water, electricity and sewage net.

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