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About the Communication and Telecommunication Company of Chabahar:

The Communication and Telecommunication Company of Chabahar  is one of the dependent companies of development and urban expansion which uses the best skills and specialized powers in the field of communication and internet to develop the designing and executing the projects.

 The Communication and Telecommunication Company of Chabahar  uses the best quality of services in the field of designing and maintaining the communicational equipment due to the technology information and communication (T.C.I) rules. Some of these rules are as follow: Studying the quality and satisfaction of inside and outside customers of organization, using the existing equipment and conditions, increasing the influences by using the union international telecommunication (I.T.U), maintaining the equipment and telecommunication net in order to decrease the cost, changing the area (pilot plan) to the national projects (I.C.T) due to the Knowledge Based Development, internet, physical quality and foundation of e-commerce, developing the telecommunication net of Chabahar.


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