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About the company of Green City services:

This company is one of the dependent company of development and urban expansion. Some of the contributions of mentioned company in Chabahar are as follow: improving the urban environment as a place for living, improving the commerce and industry, controlling and studying the way of executing the rules, improving the quality of the environment and urban atmosphere for people, improving the public security and comfort, studying the needs, powers and problems of people, developing, maintaining and protecting the urban and foundational organization, parks, traffic and airport.

Purposes and Goals of this company:

nowadays, social problems and living environment is important need of any person in that society. to make people to get to their needs, a well generated time-table and program is needed. otherwise we will see that cities will get dirty and pollutions will cause many damages to city. green areas are another need of people in each society to be possible enjoy its life in that city. this company with its time-tables, programs, will be able to make these needs.


Different parts of the Company of green city services:

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