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About the Company of the urban expansion:

The mentioned Company which is also known as the Company of development in Chabahar, is one of the development companies of holding company. This company is the only technical unit of Chabahar which can present all the services related to the development engineering by using the ability, technical and science power and the experienced experts and engineers.

  1. presenting the counselor's engineering services includes:
    • Preparing the project of zero, first, second and third bloc (preparing the practical projects).
    • Managing and Controlling the project.
    • Technical and economic study of the projects and using the value engineering.
    • Studying the Contractive project such preparing the commission of the expert and solving the problems
  2. presenting the executive services of projects includes:
    • Executive management of Chabahar's projects.
    • Executing some project of Chabahar in the design form.

One of the major features of mentioned company is using of skills and specialized expert which has introduced the company as a very powerful advisor for Chabahar area in the past and now.

The contributions of skilled experts in this project and having complete equipment leads to execute of developmental projects in different part such as:

  • Executing the project of underground road, foreground and are development.

  • Building the original and secondary nets for transferring the water and gathering the sewages.

  • Creating the ancient places or buildings with different uses.

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