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About Chabahar free-zone:The commercial- industrial zone of Chabahar in the east of the Chabahar's bay and north of the Chabahar's port was located in the territory with 14000 hectares. 10000 hectares of this area is specialized for industrial activities and 4000 hectares of that is specialized for business, transit, touristy and service activity. more...

About the companies holding of development and urban expansion:Regarding to the changes of the Chabahar free-zone organization, several companies of this organization companies holding were replaced with different parts of the organization. The company of development and urban expansion is one of the companies holding which has had an important role in foundational affairs, improvement of urban services to the people and solution of some problems in development, due to the long-term purposes. more...
Organizational chart The purposes of company Background of company About holding Under construction

Water, Electricity and Sewage Green City services
Communication and Telecommunication Urban expansion

About dependent companies: Dependent companies have been divided into 4 companies which follow the purposes of companies holding. 

1- About the Communication and Telecommunication Company of Chabahar

2- About the company of Green City services

3- About the Company of the urban expansion

4- About Water-Electricity and Sewage Companay of Chabahar free-zone

Picture album and movie archive:We have 3 parts in this department: 1.Pictures and photos archive of the Chabahar. 2.Pictures and photos of the developmental project which has been done by the companies holding. 3.Films archive

Movie archive Photo album of civil projects Photo album of CFZ