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The journal of Shahre Sabz,


Sharing information, promoting the society awareness and attempting for promoting the culture, are of most important necessities in human collection, and if we access to more quality, more compressive and ideal level of above mentioned subject, we can claim that we have gone truly.

On the other side, canalizing the sharing information and its suitable exhibition, can also keeping adjacent the information sharers in the some track and comment with its addresses logically. Thus decided to build green town beautifully and mention our sharing in sharing information extent.

Shahre Sabz, which resulted from attempts and thought of a group of civil development experts of free zone organization, considers:

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First version of journal:

Second version of journal:

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1-Interpret point of views, policies, infrastructure priorities and civil affairs.
2-reflect the way exhibiting civil services to citizens by a suitable procedure.
3. Image commercial situation and discoveries of the region
4. Analyze cultural problems and native attributions and civil ecology
5. Aware cultural, aesthetic, festivals and specific agenda
6. Set up continuous relation with investors, managers, citizens and its addressee

We hope that in determined guideline and anticipated programs, we obtain useful results together with your cooperation.

Manager: Saieed Porzadi