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Abrisham commercial complex (project is now implementing):

This complex with commercial usage has located in the heart of commercial pole in structure 2 of Chabahar free zone and is built in a land with 14984m2 area which has the residential- servicing commercial usage:

Commercial unit and several stores and residential unit

1. The situation of complex building place:

Abrisham commercial complex has been located in the south port of Iman Street, against sadaf complex inside Chabahar free zone and has best situation than others.

2. Existing position

   2.1. Land area: based on existing document in urbanization file is 1648m2

   2.2. Ground stair: its infrastructure is about 9300m2 as follow.

      2.2.1. Useful infrastructure allocated to the stone: 4300m2

      2.2.2. Alley ways infrastructure is about 500m2

   2.3. First stair: whole infrastructure of this stair is nearly 3100m2 that:

      2.3.1. Useful infrastructure is about 2750m2

      2.3.2. Alleyways and balcony infrastructure: 350m2

   2.4. Second stair: entire area is around 2500m2 as:

      2.4.1. Useful infrastructure: 2500m2

      2.4.2. Balcony infrastructure: 300m2

3. Stairs usage based on existing maps:

   3.1.first stair includes 125 stores (with 4300m2 whole area), which there is an infrastructure amount 37m2 for 0/70 of stores and 45m2 each one for 0/30 remained.

   3.2.first stair ( useful infrastructure 2750m2): for this stair it is considered 16 office unit which has 2 of 3 room in each. All units have hall, water house and service.

   3.3. Second stair: whole infrastructure of this stair is for constructing the restaurant.

Pictures of Abrisham commercial complex:

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