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Darya commercial complex (project is now implementing):

This complex has located in the commercial pole outermost of structure one of Chabahar free zone. The project area is more than 1500m2 and has construction license with more than 20000m2 that is has been built around 6000m2 of it.

This complex is only the complex which has located in foothill natural bed in a height and is exposed to the mountain breeze and has a sea perspective and is the only complex that shows itself of the seaside and for distances because of determined situation.

The area of gross infrastructure at 2400m2 includes:

-          900m2 with 200commercial unit in two stairs

-          7500 m2 office place with conference saloons

-          7500m2 residential place for installing and leaving it to stall owners.

The commercial part in both two stair has three entrance and office stairs are located at independent blocks which.

It is possible to locate commercial offices and conference saloons. It can provide services with reception of tours and seminars, anticipating about 90suits.

Welfare facilities of Darya complex are:

1. Of exception specifications of this complex is having private 2000m parking lot besides anticipated parking-lots in comparative design of district.

2. It equipped with elevators for stairs

3. Complete independency of commercial part with residential in addition to the vigorous relation these part with commercial part.


4. Existing several exhibition and conference saloons, bank branches and pretty making.

5. anticipatiy independent cooling instilments for each unit in commercial part and equipted whit fire extinguishing extinction.

6. Beauty together whit strength.

Some pictures of Darya commercial complex:

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