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Ferdose commercial complex:

This complex with service- commercial usage has located in the north of structure on of chabahar free zone with three stairs.

General specifications of the complex are following:

  • land area: 19156m2

  • building and constructing density 0/100

Constructing density in the stairs:

Ground: 0/50 equals with 9578 m2 (commercial)

First stair: 0/30 equals with 5747m2 (commercial)

Second stair: 0/20 equals with 3831m2 (servicing)

  • The number of commercial units: utmost 300units, at least 220 units.

  • The number of servicing units: utmost 55 units, at least 400 units.

One of the specifications related to this complex is its proximity to the main boulevard of this region and it has a special situation than hotel, gulf and warehouse

Pictures of Ferdose commercial complex:

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