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International university:

International university has located in structure three of Chabahar commercial- industrial free zone.

Now, built constructions for this university are international university office boiling, university training building, and university clinic and university coffee shop.

General specifications of university office building are:

  • building area including two stairs is 711 m2

  • yard area is 2200m2

  • height of stairs:

Ground stair 45/3m (floor to floor)

  • type of structure: skeleton making with a roof made by lock beam and plane

Capacity of servicing: this building has a surface with 5/355m2 at each stair.

Ground stair has 23 employees

First stair includes a chief, assistant, and secretaries (manager and assistant 24-30 m2 for each one)

 General specifications of university clinic building

  • building area include 3 blocks in one stair 1762m2   
  •   portal area 684 m2
  • central surrounding area 1065m2       
  • surrounded space area 1200m2
  • Area at helicopter pad eagle roof (ceiling) that in building port is phone and in portals is inclined.
  • stair height: useful height is 85/2m and total height is 50/3m
  • capacity analyzing: this building with 1762m2 area has the capacity for placing 18-25 bedsteads (required space for each bedstead is 70-100m2)


Training structure of international university:

a shame for office and training construction of  international university :

International university clinic:

International university site:

International university library:

Virtual (Figurative) class of international university:

Ampfi Theater of international university:

Studio of international university:

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