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International airport of Cabahar free zone:

This airport must have been located in eighth structure of Chabahar commercial- industrial free zone district.

Chabahar has located in entrance of Oman Sea and Persian Gulf and has a coverage role for controlling Hormoz narrow pass. Whereas oil export of coasts and islands of Persian gulf, has converted Oman sea and oil export outlet and has promoted its strategic situation Chabahar, for existence of boundary lines between Iran and Pakistan, and its portal situation in sea, has its priority and can attract foreign investors for funding in this region .

We can name other advantages of Chabahar such as existing transit road of turkey. lack of accessing the middle Asian countries and Afghanistan and Russia to free sea, as well, causes the Chabahar industrial- commercial free zone coverage needs for transit and export import of mentioned comities.

Specific situation in this region can causes information and goods stream in near future.

And as a result it is necessary to have an airport based on last standards of international airline organization (ICAO)

Thus, Chabahar industrial- commercial free zone has constructing such airport with following specifications in its agenda.

It needed 900 hectare lands for constructing an airport, and should surround by Fences. And it is necessary to create a ground band with 15km in long and needed width in each side for creating levels of flight barriers.

It selecting the airport place, most important standard is providing a without risk flight conditions.

Current planning has designed based on least passengers (250000 people in year) as this number would increase by implementing commercial aims for region and its result is more airline traffic.

Considered airport allocated to huge and wide airplanes and regarding to anticipation of commercial rise of the region and future development. It remains sufficient facilities for responsibility for future needs. As the airport has specific traits for security and apply ability, then some applied constrictions its direction is along western- western.

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