Developing the urban transportation and traffic units with a new image.
The following instances have been prepared to introduce you with the operations of the urban traffic and development unit by execution of planning and holding department which had an unplanned action for the following instances at the of its establishment:




1 Employment of the staff with high school diploma or higher degrees
2 planning for the training classes for the purpose of increasing the staff’s skills
3 Consulting with the head of the traffic department of Chabahar city about traffic order along the meetings and professional surveys
4 Codifying and informing the regulations
5 Roads emendation which includes installing guardrails and constructing squares in specific areas of the zone
6 Installing speed bumps  in order to maintain the speed under control in the dangerous areas
7 Study and research for the purpose of determining areas with the risk of danger and also determining better roads and areas which are in need of installing traffic signs
8 Using Chabaharian officers for the execution of the rules all over the area especially in the rush hours
9 Execution of the safety helmet rule among the motorcycle riders
10 Purchasing the needed equipments for traffic station(num1) and designing and planning for constructing the traffic station(num2)
11 Designing the uniforms and changing in the colors and traffic signs
12 Executing the plan of calling the vehicles with Chabahar license plates which is a plan beyond its deadline. Execution of this plan holds with the corporation of traffic department of Chabahar city
13 Arranging the training classes for the purpose of increasing the staff’s professional knowledge and skills with the help of advisors and technicians of the traffic department of the police
14 Installing speed bumps in areas with high risk of danger and also amendment of the roads and squares of zone
15 Improving, renovating and expanding administrative areas and requirements for traffic control and urban transportation of Chabahar city
16 planning for tenders and also making drafts for contract for execution of the traffic sign production operations and also the operations of their installation vertically and horizontally which get supported  by the credit over 700,000,000 Rials
17 Planning for tenders’ arrangement and bookkeeping operations for urban elements which include constructing and equipping eight bus stations in the area of free zone which gets supported by the credit over 700,000,000 Rials